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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

An odd week

This has been an odd week.

Friday, the 14th was my anniversary with my first husband.  So, I texted him and wished him a "happy not anniversary" which he seemed to appreciate.  I am incredibly happy that I prayed for him during our divorce as we can be kind to each other now.  I think that only comes through the grace of God.  A friend is walking through a valley called CANCER and it is breaking my heart.  I have poured my love into some homemade spaghetti sauce for the family and continue to ask for the Great Physician to hold the family in the palm of His hand.

Then, tragedy struck.

One of my dear work friends son works as a police officer locally and was shot in the head on Monday and died early Tuesday morning.  He was 24.  My friend was so happy because her son had gotten the job he always wanted but at the same time, she was scared about his physical safety.  As much as I am broken hearted, good will and has come from this.

My older son lives with his dad (see first paragraph), so I sent son a text telling him that I loved him and was hugging him from an hour away.  I hugged my stepson and my younger son and my husband.  I made a point to tell them that I loved them.  I called my sister in-law to tell her that I love her and want to spend time with her.  The bonds of family are too easy to fray with the stress of work and busy-ness.

Lastly, it is Advent and I am waiting in peace for the coming of my Savior.  This is my favorite time of the year.  I don't care if Jesus may not have been born in December.  He was born.  He did die.  He rose again in victory over my sin.  That is what is important.

I have learned to be a better listener to God this year.  I am learning that it is ok for me to have a voice.  I have found ways to improve myself and my marriage.  My husband works second shift and it has been difficult, but I have consistently made an effort to have "lunch" with him almost every day.  It has made a trying schedule much easier to tolerate.