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Saturday, May 26, 2012


I have been prescribed medicine by my doctor.  I have to take it before dinner.  One day I took it about an hour beforehand.  That really didn't work.  The problem is remembering to take it closer to to eating.  Today, I forgot and took it AFTER dinner.  Hopefully, it will still "work".  I felt good today.  I have a broccoli slaw with dried cranberries.  I have had two good sized portions today.  Dinner was burgers made from venison.  Maybe tomorrow, I can get some exercise.

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  1. I really hope you keep up your blog. It could be a valuable tool for others!
    I highly recommend reading Jeff O'Connell's book "Sugar Nation", about the type 2 diabetes epidemic. Also read "Wheat Belly" by Dr William Davis. Doctors are SO uneducated about diabetes, it's scary. Even the ADA doesn't have your best health as their primary goal (especially when it comes to diabetes prevention and diet).
    I haven't had venison in so long....yummy!